Set yourself apart from the competition through continuous, focused improvement of your service and advice quality. In Nuance Advisory you have a strong partner with longstanding experience in mystery shopping and personal development – not only in the customer segments counter service, retail and private banking. More specialised segments, such as investment advisory, private pension provision or services for corporate clients, are equally part of our extensive portfolio.


Whether you’re dealing in life-, property-, transport- or health insurance – get the crucial competitive edge through top-quality customer service. We will help you to map out the realisation of your target service standards in order to allow you to carry out any training and development measures accurately, focussed and with the greatest possible return on investment.

Premium, Retail & Health Services

Can the service processes between your business and its clients pass the test? How do your clients judge the service quality offered by your business? Regardless of company sector and size, flawlessly functioning service processes are the key success factor in the fight for market shares today. Nuance Advisory will help you to create one-time or continuous surveys of your service quality and to implement efficient and long-lasting corrective measures.

Premium Consumer Goods

As manufacturer of exclusive products, you want to ensure that your goods are marketed worldwide according to your specifications, and that they meet the high expectations of your target audience. Brand control by Nuance Advisory offers the possibility to retrieve continuous, comprehensive surveys of your licensees, franchising partners and distributors at the point of sale. Our global network of mystery shoppers supplies you with the relevant information – structured, prompt and available at all times.