Mystery Shopping

Get data

Carefully chosen and individually trained mystery shoppers go undercover to investigate services and advice given, the compliance with standardised processes or the use of auxiliary means, and provide an exceedingly realistic image of you service quality.

Bank on our experience from countless mystery shopping projects for a variety of market leaders. Our projects are transparent and always up to date, thanks to customised online applications.

Strategic Development

Run success

Nuance Advisory supports businesses in their strategic alignment, the development and the realisation of management development programs – regardless of their scale. Benefit from our extensive experience and enhance the client experience and service excellence in your business – targeted, ongoing and with maximum return on investment.

Systematic surveys of your customers and internal stakeholders provide a clear picture of their satisfaction and expectations and allow for specific corrective measures. Surveys can be conducted quantitatively via structured questionnaires or qualitatively in form of interviews.

Count on our thorough approach and our extensive pool of experience when conducting those exceedingly sensitive studies. Benefit from our tried and tested online applications, which will guarantee transparency and up-to-date information.

There are times when a task or a challenge has to be approaches ever so slightly differently - differently by just a tiny nuance - in order to have a great impact.

Market research and business development under one roof:
Nuance Advisory unites the previously separate and offers businesses the opportunity to continuously, accurately, dynamically and efficiently improve their service and advice quality.

Benefit from our comprehensive know how in the market research sector:
From customer surveys to complex studies defining the quality of service in international settings and exclusive customer segments – all projects are handled in a reliable, transparent and efficient manner.

Get the maximum from the obtained results:
Let the results of our surveys directly influence your point of sale. Nuance Advisory offers support in creating a concept and strategy for sales- and advice staff development, and assists with its realisation. Benefit from our long standing training experience and our international network of executive coaches.

Hold us accountable:
Measure the success of the implemented action exactly and in real-time. Our data capture and –evaluation tools offer access to the obtained results at any time; be it in their raw version or in shape of concise diagrams. This way you stay in control and are, at all times, informed about the trends and developments from the current surveys.

Nuance Advisory’s integral approach gets your point of sale into shape! Because your competitive edge is our aim.